Our Process



Through the years, we’ve fine-tuned our process to determine what works best. This is the process we follow for all of our projects to ensure consistency, communication and satisfaction across the board.
  1. Initial Consultation
    This is when you’ll share your vision and tell us what you want to achieve with your project. Our consultations will often involve on-site visits to get a clear picture of your property and what the job entails. From there, we’ll give you a number of options and directions that you can take, all while staying within your budget. We never cut corners and truly take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for. The more clarity we have from the start, the more likely we are to hit our target the first time around. 

    Once you agree to an estimate and sign your proposal, you’ll have immediate access to our mobile app. You can use the app to communicate directly with our team, receive project updates, monitor payments, make product selections and more.
  2. Assembling Your Team
    Once we know all about your project, it’s time to build your dream team. The type and size of your project will determine who we’ll be bringing on board. From architects to project managers, we work with only the most skilled and reputable professionals. This is also when we’ll discuss timelines, material selections, expectations and strategies for meeting deliverables and staying within budget.
  3. Buildout
    All of the planning is complete. Now it’s time to make it happen! Once your build begins, we’ll be on site daily until the project is complete. We’ll work in the safest, most efficient way possible and always clean up after ourselves. We closely monitor each phase to ensure we’re staying on schedule and keep you fully updated throughout the process. 
  4. Final Walkthrough
    We never walk away without earning your final seal of approval. We’ll show you all of our work, answer any questions you may have, and gather your feedback before calling it a day.